Pay your Honolulu Real Property tax online using this service.

You will be need your to enter the numeric parcel ID/TMK (example:  1-1-1-001-011-0000-000). Please note that the last 3 numbers of your TMK is the owner sequence number. These last 3 numbers or owner sequence number can be found on your tax bill in the tax map key/parcel ID section.

Please note that Honolulu Department of Budget & Fiscal services accepts electronic payments only during the following periods:  

  • Period 1 -- July 16 to August 20
  • Period 2 -- January 20 to February 20
  • 1st Interim Billing -- October 1 to October 31
  • 2nd Interim Billing -- April 1 to  April 30
  • 3rd Interim Billing -- June 1 to June 30

For Periods 1 and 2, due dates that fall on holidays, Saturdays, or Sundays are extended to the next business day. This rule does not apply to the 3 Interim Billings.

A convenience fee for this transaction will be billed and collected by Official Payments Corporation.  The convenience fee will appear as a separate charge labeled "OPC HONOLULU PROPERTY".