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What happens if i don't pay my Baltimore County real property tax bills?

Real property tax bills are issued on July 1 each year. Failure to pay either in full, or if eligible, to make the first of two payments on the semiannual basis by September 30 will result in your account being considered delinquent. Interest will begin to accrue until such time as the taxes are paid in full.

Baltimore County Office of Budget and Finance mails delinquent notices in February to all taxpayers whose accounts remain unpaid. Any unpaid balances due past December 31 are considered delinquent and subject to accrued interest, penalties and tax sale.

On March 1, a Final Tax Sale notice is mailed. This allows you 30 days to pay the property taxes, along with accrued interest and penalties. If you fail to respond to this final written notice, your property is subject to being sold at the annual tax sale.

If your property is sold for taxes, you have six months from the date of the sale in which to redeem your property. Baltimore County posts properties to be sold on its website around the first of May.