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Online Building Permits

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Register Burglar Alarm

Services offered by County of Miami-Dade

Find services from the County agencies of County of Miami-Dade

Pay Parking Citation

Search and Pay for a parking ticket in Miami Dade County, Florida with this …

Pay Property Taxes

Using this service, you can view and pay for your Property Taxes for Miame-D…

Pay for Traffic Citation

Pay a traffic ticket from the County of Miami-Dade, Florida online using thi…

Services offered by State of Florida

Find services provided by the State agencies for all its residents

Register to Vote

Using this service, you can submit an application online for new registratio…

Driver License Renewal

Renew Vehicle Registration

Using this online service, you can renew your Florida state vehicle registra…

Pay for Traffic Citation

Using this service, you can access and pay for traffic tickets or other traf…

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