Renew your Kissimmee City, Florida Business Tax Receipt (BTR) online with this service. 

Business Tax Receipts expire annually on September 30 and must be renewed by October 1 to avoid penalties.  Courtesy renewal invoices are mailed to the current mailing and email address on record.  It is the responsibility of all businesses to maintain valid BTR and renew their license annually.  Failure to do so subjects the owner to late fees and closure of your business account.


What is a Business Tax Receipt (BTR)?

A Business Tax Receipt, formerly known as Occupational License, is proof of payment of the business tax which is required before a business opens or starts.  A business operating without a BTR is subject to penalty.

How much does a Kissimmee City BTR cost?

Fees vary from one classification to another and many fees are based on variables.  New business tax receipts are prorated if the business starts on or after January.  The cost is reduced by 10% of the regular fee in January and by an additional 10% each month through September. 

When will my BTR expire?

Kissimmee City BTR's are valid each year from October 1 - September 30.  All BTR's expire on September 30th of each year.  Renewals made after September 30th are delinquent and are subject to penalty. 

Beginning October 1 delinquent penalties will be assessed within increases the first day of each additional late month as follows:  10% of the first month plus 5% each additional month up to a max of 25%.