Renew a business license issued by the City of Petaluma, California online using this service. 


Who needs a business license in Petaluma, CA?

The City of Petaluma requires that any business that is either, located in, or doing business in Petaluma file a written application prior to commencing business and pay the minimum tax applicable to the business classification. A business tax certificate (aka, business license) will be issued as evidence of payment of the business tax.

If you are located in Sonoma County and generating receipts (doing business) within the City of Petaluma, you are required to get a Business Certificate and pay the Business Tax in Petaluma.

How much is the Business Tax in Petaluma, CA?

For the first year, the City of Petaluma assesses business taxes based on the type of business. After the first year, the taxes are assessed based on the business’s gross receipts.