Using this service, you can renew your business license to operate in the City of Walnut Creek.

You will need your business license account number for renewing your license online. This number can be found on your business license certificate.


What is the due date to pay the business license tax in the City of Walnut Creek, CA?

All businesses operating in the City of Walnut Creek must renew their business license every fiscal year, which begins on July 1 and ends on June 30. On June 30 of every year, all business licenses automatically expire. They must be renewed by July 1, and are considered delinquent as of August 1, at which time penalties will then be assessed.

All businesses with a current business license on file will receive a license renewal notice prior to the expiration date. However, it is the responsibility of the business owner to maintain a current business license, whether a renewal notice is received or not.

What if I have a business, but fail to obtain a business license in Walnut Creek?

Operating a business in the City of Walnut Creek without a valid business license constitutes a violation of Section 18-6 of the Walnut Municipal Code for each and every day such business is conducted.

Enforcement of the municipal code will be made by contacting the business owner by telephone, mail, or in-person to inform them of this requirement. Businesses who fail to obtain a business license after notification by City staff will be referred to the Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office.