Renew or pay for your City of Tampa Business Tax License (including Rental Certificates and Foreclosed Property Registrations) by using your MasterCard, Visa credit card, Discover Card, or American Express with this online service.

You can locate your account by using Control number, Business address, Business name, or Owner name. Your payment will be processed at the close of the business day. If you pay your tax on a weekend or holiday, your payment will be processed at the end of the next business day.


What happens if I don't pay my Tampa City Business License?

Pursuant to State Law, Tampa City business license taxes are due and payable July 1st, and may be paid during the months of July, August, and September without penalty. After September 30th penalties will accrue at a rate of 10% for October and 5% for each additional month, not to exceed 25%. However, in addition to the above penalties, $250 may be assessed if license is delinquent after January 1st of each year.

A 25% penalty shall be imposed on any person engaged in any new business, occupation or profession without first obtaining a City of Tampa Business License.

Please note that this license is a business tax only. It does not permit the licensee to violate any existing regulatory or zoning laws of the state, county or cities, nor does it exempt the licensee from any other license or permits that may be required by law.