Using this service, you can renew your business license to operated in the City of San Rafael online. You will need your business license account number and PIN to access this service.

Renewal notices are mailed or emailed prior to the expiration of your business license. Check to see if there is a PIN in the email or at the bottom right of your renewal notice.


When are business license renewals due in San Rafael, CA?

Annual renewals for businesses in San Rafael are due by January 1 for most businesses (July 1 for banks, insurance companies, and non-profits).

Why isn’t there an expiration date on my business tax certificate?

In order to save paper, postage, and staff time, the City of San Rafael is no longer printing new certificates every time a license is renewed unless there is a significant change such as a new business name or address.  

You can check for the actual expiration dates here: