Using this service, businesses in City of Cupertino can renew business licenses and pay their license fee online. 


Is it a code violation to have a home business in Cupertino, CA?

Home occupations are regulated by the municipal code of the City of Cupertino and are subject to the securing of a business license. Generally, home occupations are permitted if they do not have an impact on the neighborhood by means of excessive noise, traffic, visual blight, etc. 

Do I need a business license to operate short term rentals in Cupertino, CA?

Short-term or transient rental activity (30 days or less) in all residential zones of the City of Cupertino is subject to the following restrictions and Municipal Code requirements:

  • The property owner or main property leaseholder must be the primary resident at the property and be onsite during the lease period.
  • The total number of transient guests must be limited to two (2) or fewer. All transient rentals must be an incidental use of the residence.
  • All building alterations must comply with R1 zoning regulations and building code requirements including occupancy regulations.
  • The property owner, main property leaseholder, or person otherwise conducting any short-term rentals, must submit a Business License Application and obtain Certification prior to the commencement of any short-term rental leases.