All pets must be licensed in Manatee County. To purchase any pet license, you must provide proof of a current rabies vaccination.  Vaccines can be administered at your local veterinarian. 

Your pet (dog, cat or ferret) requires a yearly rabies vaccination and County license. Please note that failure to obtain this registration could result in fines as high as $1,000.


What are the requirements to get a pet license in Manatee County, Florida?

Rabies Vaccination and Manatee County License Certificate and License Tag are Required. Rabies vaccinations are required by Florida State Statute and by Manatee County Ordinance. The rabies vaccination is the best defense in order to control rabies. Your veterinarian will provide you with a License Certificate and Manatee County License Tag. The Manatee County License Tag is the only recognized tag in Manatee County and is required by Manatee County Ordinance. The Ordinance also requires your pet wear the Manatee County License Tag. 

The following definitions are related to this section of the ordinance to assist with understanding specific meanings:

  • LICENSE CERTIFICATE shall mean a document evidencing registration and vaccination for rabies of a dog, cat, or ferret residing in the County which contains at a minimum the information required by Section 828.30, Florida Statutes (2005).
  • TAG shall mean a current County issued or approved animal license tag.