View and pay your Water & Sewer Utility bill for Newark City online using this service. There is a convenience fee for payments by electronic check, credit or debit cards.

You will need one of the following information to search and pay for your Newark water/sewer bills online: 

  • AccountID 
  • Block 
  • Lot 
  • Street Address 
  • Owner Name 


How often do I receive my water bill in Newark, NJ?

Residential and commercial customers can expect to receive a monthly bill from Newark Water and Sewer approximately every 30 days.

How are my water and sewer charges calculated in Newark, NJ?

Your billed charges are based on the amount of water that passed through the meter since the last billing period. However, sewer is not metered and charges are based solely on your water consumption. Newark Water and Sewer charges more for sewer service because wastewater treatment is more expensive and complicated.

Your overall consumption is then divided by the number of days in the billing period to come up with the “actual daily consumption". Our incremental rate structure is designed to encourage and reward water conservation.