Pay Water/Sewer bill in the City of Smyrna, Georgia online using this service. Often, your monthly bill will include messages about the sanitation schedule for holidays. 


How often am I billed for Utilities in Smyrna, GA?

Smyrna Bills are issued monthly near the beginning of the month. 

When are water bills due in Smyrna, GA?

Your Smryna Utility bill is always due the last working day of the month. To avoid a 10% late fee please pay your bill by the due date. To avoid disconnection of service, pay your bill no later than 20 days after the due date. 

What is a Storm Water Utility Fee?

To meet storm water maintenance and management needs, the City of Smyrna has established a storm water utility user fee. A monthly fee is charged for each Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU), such as a single family residential unit or each individual multifamily unit. Commercial properties will be calculated at the same rate where one ERU is equal to 3,900 sq. ft. of impervious surface.