Pay your water and sewer utility bill from the City of Rochester Hills, Michigan online using this service. 


What is the water and sewer billing frequency in Rochester Hills, MI?

Rochester Hills water and sewer bills are billed on a bimonthly basis. The bills are based on actual meter reads. The city will not estimate any water and sewer bills unless there is a problem with the meter reading equipment.

What happens if I don’t pay my Rochester Hills water bill?

The City of Rochester Hills does not turn off water for non-payment. The City encourages our customers to keep their accounts up to date to avoid penalties.

All delinquent water and sewer bills will be added to winter property tax bills and will be subject to a late payment charge.

What are my Rochester Hills water bill paying options?

There are several options to pay your Rochester water bills:

  • Pay in person or place in drop box at the Rochester Hills City Hall
  • Automatic bill payment plan – enroll by calling Treasury Office at 248.656.4675
  • Debit/Credit card payment over phone – make payment by calling 877.245.5774
  • Mail your payments in the form of check to :

    City of Rochester Hills Water and Sewer
    P.O. Box 94593
    Cleveland, OH 44101-4593