Pay your McMinnville City, Tennessee water bill online using this service. You will need your Account Number provided on your statement to access your bill online. 


When will I get my first water bill?

Your first McMinnville water bill will be sent out after the service has been on for six (6) weeks.

When will my water service be subject to cut off?

Water customers are subject to services being cut-off ten (10) days after due date on your bill.

If my water has been cut-off for non-payment, what will I pay to be reconnected?

You will be required to pay the past due bill plus one of the following fees:

  • If during office hours, the fee is $25.00
  • If after 4:00 p.m., the fee is $25.00 plus an additional $40.00
  • If it is on a weekend/holiday, the fee is $25.00 plus an additional $50.00