Pay your water bill from the City of Coconut Creek, Florida online using this service.

You may search either by your Account Number OR by using your Last Name/Business Name, House Number, and Street Name.


Does the City of Coconut Creek charge any late fees or interest?

The City of Coconut Creek does not charge any late fees or interest for water bill payments.

How often does the City of Coconut Creek read my meter?

The City of Coconut Creek's personnel physically read your water meter once a month. The meter is read by a computerized wand. The consumption is calculated based on the current read subtracted by the previous month’s read.

When is Water bill Payment Due in Coconut Creek, Florida?

Coconut Creek Water Bill Payment is due within 20 days of the statement date.

If payment has not been received timely, a delinquent notice is sent on the next bill with a turn off date of service for nonpayment. Prior to the actual turn off date, the City makes courtesy calls on past due amounts to be paid prior to turn off of services.