Pay your City of Avondale, Arizona water bill online using this service. 


Does Avondale Water bill have a grace period?

Yes, Avondale water monthly bill has a 14-day grace period. During the 14-day grace period for one month’s bill there will not be interruption in service. 

What happens in the case of non-payment of Avondale water bill?

If payment is not received by the due date on your bill, the entire amount shall become past due and a Final Notice will be issued.  If you receive a Final Notice, all past due amounts must be received by the Final Notice date or water service is subject to turn-off.  

If your water is turned-off for non-payment, you will be required to pay your bill in full plus a turn-on charge of $60 and up to a $250 deposit with guaranteed funds before your water can be restored.  A dishonored payment/returned check will result in an additional $25 fee and all future payments must be made with guaranteed funds. 

How to read my water meter in Avondale, AZ?

Water meters in Avondale are usually located in the front yard. Remove the meter box lid with a screwdriver. Lift the meter face cover. You should see a dial similar to an automobile odometer. The numbers on that dial represent the read. Consumption is read by 1,000's of gallons.