View & Pay for a Utility Bill from the City of Tampa, Florida online using this service. You will need City of Tampa Utilities Account Number to find your records online. 


What can I do if my service is discontinued or interrupted for non-payment?

Discontinuation and interruption of water, wastewater and solid waste services for non-payment is initiated through the Credit and Collections Section of Tampa City. To reinstate service, please refer to the tag left at your property or contact the Credit and Collections Section regarding the payment amount required to restore service. Payments for delinquent and discontinued accounts can be made online. 

If you make a payment on a discontinued account online or by phone, please contact us at (813) 274-8811, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., to confirm your payment has been received. Provide the Customer Service Representative with the date of payment, the payment confirmation number and the amount paid. Following payment confirmation, service will be restored within 24 hours. 

Payments made on weekends and holidays can be confirmed on the next business day. 

How often am I billed for Tampa City Utilities?

Tampa City Utility Bills are mailed monthly. Once your account is established you will receive your bill at approximately the same time each month. 

Why did I receive a final notice in the mail?

City of Tampa Utilities sends notification to our customers who have not paid the balance due on their account by the bill due date as a reminder that payment is due.