With this service, Modesto City residents can pay their utility bills online. You can make either a one-time payment or can create an account to setup auto payments. 

The City of Modesto provides monthly billing service to approximately 80,000 customers for water, sewer, storm drain and garbage services. The City's water system includes some portions of Ceres, Del Rio, Empire, Grayson, Salida and Turlock.


When does my Modesto City Utility Bill become delinquent?

Modesto Utility Bills are due and payable upon receipt and become delinquent at the end of each billing cycle in which they are issued.

If your payment hasn't received by Modesto Finance Department office by payment due date, bills are delinquent and subject to additional fees and disconnection.

What do I do if my utility service has been disconnected in Modesto, CA?

If utility services are turned off for non-payment in the City of Modesto, payment of all balances owing plus fees will be required to restore service. Checks are not accepted for accounts once a final notice has been mailed. 

  • Payments MUST be made before 3p.m. and verified with a Customer Services Clerk for same day reconnect.
  • Payments received after 3 p.m. on accounts that are disconnected, will not have the service restored until the following business day.
  • Only Modesto City personnel are authorized to disconnect and/or reconnect service. Unauthorized tampering/damage could delay restoration of services up to one week and result in additional fees.

What is the billing cycle for utilities in Modesto, CA?

Metered: If your location is charged a metered water or sewer rate, the service period appearing on your bill is from reading date to reading date. Any flat rate service charge also appearing on the bill will differ from these dates. 

Non-Metered Flat Rate: If your location is billed on a flat rate, the service period appearing on your bill is from billing date to billing date.