Access the billing services for water, sewer, stormwater, solid waste and recycling services in the City of Minneapolis online.

You will need your account number or address to access your billing details and pay your bill online. 


How is my due date determined, and can I change my due date?

Due dates are established by City Ordinance and fall 21 days after the billing date. The billing date is typically determined by the geographic location of the property and the type of meter reading equipment. Due dates cannot be changed.

What if I know I won't be able to pay my City of Minneapolis Utility bill on time?

If you cannot pay your bill, or can only pay part of it, please contact customer service to determine whether you are eligible for a payment agreement. Eligibility for an agreement depends on your payment history, history of the account or any other relevant circumstances.

You may be able to set an installment agreement (IA) with two or more payments. A promise to pay agreement (PPA) is for the full amount to be paid in one payment. The bill statement indicates that all charges are due and payable 21 days after billing. You must pay current charges in addition to the installment agreement.

How often are utilities billed in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota?

The city of Minneapolis utilities are billed monthly. Water is billed based on monthly meter readings or estimated according to historical usage if no reading is obtained.

For residential properties with three or fewer dwelling units, the sewer charge for December through March is based on water usage, the other eight months of the year, the sewer is based on the average winter consumption (AWC).

For commercial, mixed-use properties, and residential greater than three dwelling units, the sewer is based on monthly water usage. Solid Waste & Recycling is a flat fee based on a number of dwelling units and containers. Stormwater is a flat fee based on impervious area.