Pay your City of Medford, Oregon Utility Bill online using this service. 

Medford Utility rates pay to operate and maintain city streets, sewer and storm drain lines, beautification of parks and public right-of-ways as well as police and fire services.


How is my City of Medford Utility Bill calculated?

Here are the different ways each utility component of your bill is calculated:

Sewer:  Single-family customers pay a flat rate and no additional charge based on water use. All other customers pay the same base charge as single-family customers, but also pay a consumption charge based on water use. Multi-family residential and certain other customers have their consumption charge based on a “winter average”; non-residential customers’ consumption is based solely on water use.

Storm Drain:  All customers pay a flat fee that reflects a property’s impact on the City’s storm drainage system. The impact is based on “impervious area”, which means surface areas that either prevent or retard the absorption of water into the surface of the soil. Examples include buildings, driveways, parking lots and gravel surfaces used for vehicular traffic. The average impervious area for single-family customers in Medford was measured using Geographic Information System (GIS) software and all single family customers pay the same amount. The actual impervious area for all other customers is measured.

Street:  All customers pay a flat fee that reflects the amount of traffic generated for the property’s purpose. The City uses the Institute of Traffic Engineers (ITE) Traffic Generation manual to determine the amount of traffic generated for each residence and business.

Parks and Public Safety:  All customers pay a flat fee based on the number of dwelling units or commercial suites.