Pay Utility Bill from the City of Kingman, Arizona online using this service. 

You usually receive a monthly bill from the City of Kingman which will include charges for water, sewer and sanitation services or any combination of these services. 


How many days after my billing date do I have to pay my Kingman Utility bill?

Every customer has 20 calendar days from their billing date to pay their bill before it is considered delinquent.

What happens in the case of delinquent Utility bills in Kingman, AZ?

A $3.00 delinquent fee will be assessed on your account if payment is not received within the 20-day due date window. You are given an additional 10 calendar days to pay your bill. If payment is not made on the 10th day, water service will be disconnected due to non-payment.

Why is my Utility bill due date different every month?

The due date for each Utility bill in Kingman, AZ is determined by the date the meter is read.  Since meters are not read on the same day each month, your due date will vary from month to month but should not vary more than a few days give or take.