Pay your Greenfield city utility bills online using this service. 

Please note that payments made after 5:00 p.m. will be credited to your account on the next day of regular City business.


When are utility bills due in the City of Greenfield, CA?

Greenfield Utility bills for water, sewer and garbage services are prepared and sent out on or near the last working day of each month. The bills are due and payable upon receipt, and become delinquent on the 26th day of each month.

If the 26th falls on a weekend, the bill is delinquent the following business day.

What is the penalty for delinquent utility bills in Greenfield, CA?

A 10% penalty charge is assessed on all delinquent Utility bills in the City of Greenfield.

Water service is disconnected if the bill has not been paid by the 45th day after the billing date. A disconnect fee ($75 as of October 2014) is assessed if your water service is disconnected due to nonpayment.