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What determines the amount of a Worcester city property tax bill?

The amount of a particular property's tax bill is determined by two things: the property's taxable assessment and the tax rate.

The assessment is determined by the assessor and should be based on the value of the property; the taxable value is the assessment less any applicable property tax exemptions. The single tax rate is determined by dividing the tax levy to be raised by the applicable total taxable assessed value of the jurisdiction. The tax levy is the revenue necessary for the city to operate, after all other revenue sources (like Federal and State funding) have been deducted from the budget. The rate is further apportioned between the Residential and Commercial classes by the vote of the Worcester City Council at the Tax Classification Hearing.

When are real property tax bills mailed and payments due in Worcester City, Massachusetts?

Tax bills are mailed four times a year. The quarterly tax payments are due on the following dates: August 1st; November 1st; February 1st; May 1st.

The bills are sent thirty (30) days prior to these due dates. Payments are due thirty days from the date the tax bill is issued.