View El Paso County, Colorado property tax statements and pay them online using this service. 


When are El Paso County tax statements mailed?

El Paso County (Colorado) Property tax statements are mailed by the end of January to the owner of record as listed on the tax roll.  The tax roll is prepared and maintained by the County Assessor. 

When are the current year property taxes due in El Paso County, Colorado?

El Paso County Property taxes are collected one year in arrears. Taxes may be paid in one payment or two half payments. 

  • Full payments are due April 30. If the total amount due is $25.00 or less, only the full payment option is allowed.  
  • (For half payments) First half payments are due the last day of February. Second half payments are due June 15. 

Partial payments are not allowed.  Payments not received timely will accrue interest at the rate of 1% per month.