Does having delinquent taxes affect my credit?

Whatcom County Treasurer's Office does not provide information directly to credit reporting agencies; however, credit reporting agencies may acquire information from secondary sources with whom you have relationships (banks, mortgage companies, etc.).

When are Property taxes due in Whatcom County, WA?

First-half taxes are due April 30. Second-half taxes are due October 31. If the due date falls on a weekend, then payments will be accepted the next business day.

My taxes are delinquent. How long before the County will foreclose on my property?

Whatcom County Real property foreclosure will occur when the tax becomes 3 years delinquent. The foreclosure process will begin the first of the year following the third year.

Personal property has different foreclosure laws and becomes subject to distraint and sale after 30 days of delinquency.

What is the penalty for delinquent taxes in Whatcom County, WA?

If the first half taxes are not paid by April 30, the entire tax becomes delinquent. Interest and penalty on delinquent first half taxes is calculated on the entire year's taxes. Second half taxes become delinquent after October 31.

The penalty and interest for delinquent taxes are as follows: 

  • Interest is 1% per month on the full amount due
  • 1st-Half Penalty is 3% on amount unpaid on June 1
  • 2nd-Half Penalty is 8% on amount unpaid on December 1

Interest and penalty rates are set by law (RCW 84.56.020). Payments made without the appropriate interest and penalty will be returned for the correct amount. There is no "good cause" statute that allows the waiving of interest and penalties except in the circumstance of the county making an error when the tax account originated (the source document for proof is the real estate tax affidavit), or in case of hardship caused by death of the taxpayer´s spouse, or taxpayer´s parent-owned property, if the Whatcom County Treasurer is notified within sixty (60) days of the tax due date (copy of death certificate required). (RCW 84.56.025)

How are Whatcom County Property taxes calculated?

Taxes are calculated every January when the levy rates are set and the tax roll is certified by the Whatcom County Assessor's Office and then turned over to the Treasurer's Office. The levy rate varies for each taxing district depending upon the budget for each district, and any voter-approved special levies and bonds. This levy rate is multiplied per thousand dollars of assessed value.

Example: $100,000 has an assessed value of $1,000. $1,000 x 15.4223 levy rate = $1,542.23 tax