Pay your City of West Allis, Wisconsin Property taxes (Real Estate & Real Property)  online using this service. 


When are Property taxes due in West Allis, WI?

Taxes are due, in full, January 31 of each year. All special assessments and special charges are due in full on January 31 of each year.

The City of West Allis allows taxes to be paid on an interest free installment plan. To qualify, the property owner must pay a minimum of all special assessments and special charges (if any) plus third of the tax amount due on or before January 31 of that year. To continue on the interest free installment plan, the second third of the tax due must be paid on or before March 31. The balance or the last third of the taxes due must be paid on or before May 31. 

Any violation of the above requirements invalidates the interest free qualification and interest and penalties must be collected on the amount in violation. The interest and penalties total one and one-half percent per month and start February 1.

I have paid 90% of my tax bill before January 31st, and have a small balance remaining. When do I have to pay the balance?

If by January 31st, you have paid equal to or more than the total of your January and March installment, you do have the option of paying the remaining balance by May 31st.

When are West Allis Property tax bills mailed out?

West Allis Tax bills are mailed out on or before the 3rd Monday in December, usually by December 15th. The mailing of tax bills is for the tax payers convenience.

According to Wisconsin Statutes, Section 74.09(6), failure to receive a bill does not exempt any property owner from paying penalties and interest in the event of late payment.