Pay your Volusia County, Florida Property taxes online using this service. 


When are property taxes due in Volusia County, Florida?

Volusia County Revenue Division bills and collects property tax for all current taxing authorities (county, cities, school board, hospitals and state).

Property taxes become due and payable on November 1 of each year and become delinquent April 1 of the following year. Tax bills are mailed to the most current owner and address of record.

If you own property in Volusia County and fail to receive a tax bill in November, you should contact the County Revenue Division. 

Are there any discounts for early payment of Property taxes in Volusia County, Florida?

Yes, the Volusia County Revenue Division offers the following discounts for early payments of Property taxes: 

  • 4% discount for payments postmarked or made in person in the month of November
  • 3% discount in December
  • 2% discount in January
  • 1% discount in February
  • 0% discount in March - October

When the last day of a discount period falls on a weekend or legal holiday, the discount period shall be extended for all payments brought in person to their office to the next working day.

If I have declared personal bankruptcy, am I still responsible for my property taxes?

In many situations, as long as you still own the property and you did not surrender the property to the Trustee or the Court you would be responsible for the taxes. However, consult your bankruptcy attorney to find out how this applies to your situation.

Does Volusia County honor the postmark for delinquent payments?

No. As per Florida State law mandates that delinquent real estate tax payments must be in the Volusia County Revenue office and validated by the last working day of the month for which interest is being paid (Florida Department of Revenue Property Tax Rule 12D-13.002).