Pay Property taxes in Thurston County, Washington with this online service.


When are taxes due and when are they late?

​Property taxes are due when the Treasurer has certified them. This typically happens in mid to late January of each year. The taxes are late if the first half is not paid by April 30th. If the first half is paid by April 30th, the balance owing is late if not paid by October 31st.

What happens if I make a payment late?

Per Washington State Law (RCW 84.56.020) interest of 1% a month is charged on late payments. The interest is on the full amount due, since the entire tax is late if half is not paid by April 30th. In addition, a penalty of 3% is added on June 1st and another 8% penalty is added on December 1st. Simple interest and penalty is added on the 1st of the month and it is not prorated. Although interest continues to accrue as long as the tax remains delinquent, the penalty is assessed against the current year tax only. Personal property, except mobile homes, that are delinquent on April 30th become fully due. You no longer have the option to pay the current year first half. Real property can continue to pay the first half amount through October 30th. Personal property and mobile homes are subject to sale for non-payment as soon as taxes are late. Real property is not sold until it is a full 3 years delinquent. We charge additional costs once a property is subject to sale for non-payment of property taxes. If your payment is late, it must include interest and penalty or the payment will be returned to you

How do I change my name on my statement?

​Spelling corrections or similar minor changes to the taxpayer name can be made by writing the change on your tax remittance stub you use to make your payment. Legally changing the ownership/taxpayer name requires a Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit be filed with our office. These forms can be obtained online but must be submitted in person or via the mail.