Pay Property taxes in Sussex County, Delaware with this online service.


When is my Sussex County Tax Bill due?

Tax bills are due September 30th. Supplemental I bills are due December 31st, Supplemental II are due March 31st, and Supplemental III bills are due June 30th. The Treasury Division will honor postmarks.

Can I pay my tax bill by credit card?

Sussex County accepts tax payments with the use of most major credit cards or by check. Payment can be made on the Sussex County website or in person at the Treasury Office. If you have additional questions regarding payment options, contact the Tax Office at 855-7760.

What penalties are charged if I do not pay my bill on time?

The penalty rate is 1.5% per month.

What should I do if I recently sold my property and I'm still getting the tax bill?

Contact the Assessment Office at 855-7824 for all ownership changes.