Pay your Property tax (Real Estate and Personal Property) bills from the City of Somerville, Massachusetts online using this service. 


When are Property taxes due in Somerville, MA?

The City of Somerville is on a quarterly tax system and taxes are due 4 times per year. Tax due dates are August, November, February and May 1st.

If the first falls on a weekend or holiday, taxes are due the following business day. 

What are the monthly periods covered by the tax bill?

  • The bill due August 1st (quarter 1) covers July 1st through September 30th. (Preliminary Tax bill)
  • The bill due November 1st (quarter 2) covers October 1st through December 31st. (Preliminary Tax bill)
  • The bill due February 1st (quarter 3) covers January 1st through March 31st. (Real Estate Tax bill)
  • The bill due May 1st (quarter 4) covers April 1st through June 30th. (Real Estate Tax bill)

What is a Preliminary Tax bill ?

Preliminary tax bills are estimated bills. The estimate is based on the actual net tax bill of the previous fiscal year. The preliminary tax is due in two installments (August and November).

Formula: Actual for previous FY x 2.5% = X. (Actual + X) divided by 4.

What are the interest rates for past due bills in Somerville, MA?

Somerville City Real Estate and Personal Property outstanding balances are subject to 14% interest according to Massachusetts General Law Chapter 59, sections 57 and 57C.

The Tax Title interest rate is 16% under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 60, section 62. Excise interest rate is 12% under MGL 60A, section 2.