Pay Property taxes in Skgait County, Washington with this online service.


If I owe taxes on multiple parcels, can I combine the payment into one check?

Yes, you may add the amount due for all parcels and pay with one check. Actually, we prefer that you do it that way. Please make sure to double check your figures before mailing. Like you, we are charged by the bank for each check processed, so paying with one check saves us both time and money.

Is there any consideration if I don't pay my taxes on time because of a death in my immediate family?

Yes, there is consideration "if the taxpayer fails to make one payment by the due date on the taxpayer's personal residence because of hardship caused by the death of the taxpayer's spouse, parents or stepparent." The Treasurer must be notified within sixty days of the tax date due. (RCW 84.56.025) (contact office for additional information)

What happens if I can't find my tax statement? Will you accept payment without it?

If you are unable to locate your tax statement, simply call us. We will be happy to send you another. We may be able to locate your account without the tax statement but having one will assure it gets posted to the right account.