Pay your Shawnee County, Kansas Property Taxes online using this service.


Can others access my property tax records?

According to Kansas law, all property tax records are open public information. The intent of this online tax payment system is for tax payments. It is not intended to disclose property tax records. Anyone wanting that information will need to request it in person or writing from his or her local county treasurer's office.

When are my real estate taxes due?

If a homeowner is responsible for paying taxes on a home or other real estate property the full amount could be paid or the half amount on or before December 20th of that tax year. If the first half is paid the second half of that year’s taxes are due on or before May 10th of the following year. Mortgage Companies are required by Federal Law to make half payments, so they will be paying taxes on or before December 20th and on or before May 10th.

When are my personal property taxes due?

The first half is due November 1st. If first half is not paid by December 21st, the full amount is due with interest. If the taxpayer pays the first half of the personal property taxes in December, the second half is due on or before May 10th of the following year.