Pay Property taxes in Sangamon County, Illinois using this online service.


How is real property assessed in Illinois?

The required assessment level for tax purposes on any parcel of real property in any county is 33 1/3 percent of the property's fair market value, excluding farm­land and farm buildings.

What are other options to make my property tax payment?

In-Person Payments May be made at the Sangamon County Treasurer's Office no later than each installment due date at 5:00 pm to avoid late penalty. Both cash and checks are accepted as payments until 5:00 pm on November 8, 2018. The following are acceptable methods of payment: cash, money order, credit card with a convenience fee or cashier/certified checks .Mail Payments Must be postmarked no later than the installment due date to avoid late penalty. Payments in the form of check should be mailed to : Sangamon County Collector P.O Box 19400 Springfield Il 62794-9400 E -check Payments On Line Via the Internet E-check payments may be made via the internet at no later than each installment due date to avoid late penalty. Internet payment can be made from May thru November 2, 2018 via the above noted website. Please have your parcel identification number or property address available and the routing and transit number and bank account number when making a payment via the internet. No convenience fee is charged for using the site. Credit or Debit Card Payments On Line Via the Internet Credit or debit card payments may be made via the internet at

How do I appeal the assessed value of my property?

Please note here that you are appealing the assessed value of your property and not your property taxes. If you feel your property is valued incorrectly, you should start by contacting your township assessor. Review the property information with your assessor to be sure all information is correct. If you have had a recent purchase or have had an appraisal done for your property, you may also provide this to your assessor for review. If you cannot resolve your differences with the assessor, you may then file an assessment complaint with your local county's Board of Review. The appeal documents are available in the Supervisor of Assessment’s Office and the filing period typically begins July 1 and ends 30 days following the date of published notice of assessment changes for your township each year. Check with your Supervisor of Assessments Office to verify your filing period. As with the multiplier appeal previously discussed, evidence must be filed with your complaint to support your position. A set of detailed rules for filing an assessment complaint is available in the Supervisor of Assessments Office.