Pay your City of Roswell, Georgia Property tax bills online using this service. 


Does the City of Roswell offer Homestead Exemptions?

The City of Roswell has available two homestead exemptions for homeowners age 65 or older: 

  • a $2,000 homestead exemption and 
  • a $20,000 homestead exemption for all persons with a combined adjusted gross income less than $40,000.

To qualify you must be 65 as of January 1 of the tax year for which you are applying, and you must own and reside in the home as of January 1 of the tax year for which you are applying.

Both homestead exemption amounts are based on the general millage rate only and do not include the bond millage. Applications for both homesteads must be made at Roswell City Hall, Suite 130. Once applications are completed it is not necessary to reapply annually unless in future years the combined adjusted gross income exceeds $40,000 or the resident moves from one location in the City of Roswell to another.

Is there an interest penalty for not paying your taxes by the due date?

Yes. The penalty is a one-time charge of 10 percent plus a $1.50 late filing fee. Interest is charged (accrued) monthly at the rate of .0058 percent.

The City of Roswell will also place a lien on properties for non payment of taxes. 

Can I mail-in my Roswell City Property tax payments?

Sure. If you would like to make a payment by mail, please make checks payable to “City of Roswell” and mail the check and payment coupon (bill stub) to the address listed on the payment coupon:

City of Roswell Property Taxes
PO Box 732685
Dallas, TX 75373-2685