Pay your Rockwood City, Tennessee property taxes online with a debit or credit card. 


When are property taxes due?

Rockwood City (TN) Property taxes shall become due and payable the first of October of each year, and shall be delinquent the first day of March following. 

What is the penalty for delinquent property taxes?

Rockwood City delinquent taxes shall bear interest at the rate of one and one half (1.5) percent per month until paid. After a set period of time, delinquent taxes are turned over to Roane County for collection. 

Is there a discount for early payment of property taxes?

There is a 2% discount for the month of October, dependent upon property tax cards being mailed out by October 1 of that year. If for some reason, cards are not mailed out during October, please consult with the Rockwood City recorder and/or city clerk for more information on the 2% discount. 

What are other ways to pay my taxes?

Property taxes can be paid at Rockwood city hall or over the phone by debit or credit card through a city clerk. There is a convenience charge to pay by card.