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How does the property tax system work?

There are three main parts to the property tax system in Texas: An appraisal district in each county sets the value of property each year. A chief appraiser is the chief administrator and operates the appraisal office. A citizen board, called the appraisal review board (ARB), hears any disagreements between a property owner and the appraisal district. Local taxing units-city, county, school and special districts-decide how much money they will spend by adopting a budget. Next, the units set tax rates that will raise the revenue necessary to fund their budgets. The adopted budgets and the tax rates set to fund the budgets determine the total amount of taxes that a person will pay.

Which local taxing units may tax my property in Texas?

All taxable property will pay county and school taxes. If the property is located inside a city's boundaries, you also may pay city taxes. Special taxing units-junior college, hospital district, road district and others-may also tax your property.

How can the State Comptroller help local governments and taxpayers?

The Comptroller's office may provide technical advice to local governments and taxpayers on property tax issues, but it cannot intervene in local tax matters.