Pay your Portsmouth City Property taxes (Real Estate & Personal Property) online using this service. 


What are the Due Dates for Real Estate Taxes in Portsmouth, VA?

Real Estate Taxes in Portsmouth, Virginia are paid in four quarters. The following are the due dates by quarter:

  • 1st Quarter – September 30
  • 2nd Quarter – December 31
  • 3rd Quarter – March 31
  • 4th Quarter – June 30

What are Personal Property Taxes?

Personal Property Taxes are taxes which are assessed on cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles, boats, campers, buses, mobile homes, motor homes and air craft. These taxes are assessed by the Portsmouth Commissioner of the Revenue.

How do I know if I should be paying Personal Property Taxes?

Vehicles registered in Portsmouth or are showing garaged in Portsmouth with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles for more than 30 days are taxable, with the exception of those exempted by law. An example of an exemption would be active duty military non-resident (legal home of record is other than Virginia).