Pay Property taxes in Medina County, Texas with this online service.


My property information is wrong. How do I get it changed?

This site only displays the information provided by the appraisal district. You will need to contact the appraisal district and inform them of the wrong information. Each appraisal district has their own procedure for reporting changes.

How current is the information on your site?

The information is provided in real time.

What is the penalty if i don't pay them in time?

2018 Tax Statements have been mailed! We have already received a couple of boxes of returned mail. If you have not received your tax statement and have had a change of address in the past year, please contact our office to get the address updated and a copy of your bill re-mailed. If you do not receive a bill and have not had a change of address, it could have been returned for other reasons or gotten lost in the mail. Please contact our office for more information. Taxes become delinquent February 1, 2019. Failure to receive the tax bill does not affect the validity of the tax, penalty, interest, or the due date.