Pay Property taxes in the City of Marietta, Georgia online using this service. 


When are taxes due in Marietta, GA?

You usually receive your tax bill from the City of Marietta Tax Division in August (if you filed a tax return with the County). The taxes are payable at that time and become delinquent 60 days from the date bills are mailed, October 31.

If you live in the City, you are on a duel taxing system; therefore, you will receive two separate bills-one from the City, the other from the County. 

What are the penalties if Marietta taxes are not paid timely?

Interest accrues monthly at an annual rate equal to the bank prime loan rate as posted by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in statistical release H. 15 or any publication that may supersede it, plus 3%, on unpaid taxes when they become delinquent.

Interest rates change annually in January of each year. In addition, a 5% penalty is due 90 days from the due date. There are also fi fa (tax lien) charges added to delinquent taxes.