Pay your Marathon County, Wisconsin property taxes online using this service. You will need your Parcel Number to proceed with your tax payment. 


How does the Assessor value my property?

Wisconsin Law requires property assessments based on fair market value. Estimating the market value of your property is a matter of determining the price a typical buyer would pay for it in its present condition.

Some factors the Marathon County Assessor considers are: what similar properties are selling for, what it would cost to replace your property, the rent it may earn, and any other factors that affect value.

What is the difference between real and personal property?

For property tax purposes, "real property" refers to land and buildings and the rights associated with ownership, while "personal property" is the furniture and equipment owned or used by businesses.

When are taxes due in Marathon County, Wisconsin?

Real property taxes are payable by taxpayers in full by the last day of January or in two installments due by January 31st and July 31st. 

Personal property taxes are due in full by the last day in January.