Pay your Kootenai County, Idaho property taxes online using this service.


Deadline of my tax payment?

December 20th Full or Half payment June 20th Balance

Can i make partial payment?

Kootenia County Treasurer accepts payment for less than the amount due. However, late charge and interest will be applied as directed by State Code (see paragraph below on LATE CHARGE AND INTEREST). Please contact our office to set up a payment plan. We can provide you with information how monthly payments can help you satisfy your tax obligation.

What is the penalty if i don't pay them in time?

Please remember if payments are received after the DEADLINE dates, a late charge and interest will be applied. Late charge is 2% of the unpaid balance and is applied on December 21. Interest is accrued beginning January 1, and the rate as directed by State Code is 1% per month. If less than half is received by December 20, interest will be applied to the unpaid balance beginning January 1. If the full tax is not paid by June 20, interest on the unpaid tax will accrue from January 1. Please have payments on time to avoid this late charge and interest.