Pay your Kitsap County property taxes (Real Property tax as well as Personal Property tax) online using this service.

You will need your Tax Account Number to search for your tax bills online. 


What is personal property tax?

If you own a business, you are subject to a personal property tax. Taxable personal property includes items such as: furniture and fixtures, office equipment, machinery, tools, supplies, etc.

Kitsap County Treasurer may distrain (seize) and sell personal property if taxes are delinquent. Advance taxes are collected if the property sells or transfers before the tax is due. The tax is due even if the business closes or the property sells or transfers. You should contact the Treasurer's Office before buying or selling any personal property to protect your property against a lien. 

What is the due date for Property tax payments in Kitsap County?

Property taxes are paid in two halves in Kitsap County. The Treasurer's office usually mails the tax statements in February every year.

  • First half must be paid or postmarked by April 30.​ 
  • Second half must be paid or postmarked by October 31.