Pay your Indian-River County, Florida property taxes online using this service.


When do I pay my property taxes?

Florida law provides for certain discounts on CURRENT TAXES if they are paid before March of the following year. Discounts are accepted according to the POSTMARK of your payment. Tax bills are mailed out in November of each year and the following discounts are allowed for early payment: 4% if paid in November 3% if paid in December 2% if paid in January 1% if paid in February Gross taxes become due in March

What if I don't get my bill?

According to Florida Law, it is the responsibility of the property owner to see that a bill is received and taxes are paid. Tax statements are sent to the owner and the address on the certified tax roll. If you move, it is your responsibility to send written notification to the Property Appraiser. You should have received a separate tax bill for each property you own. Please verify that the legal description on the tax bill you received is for all of your property. If you are missing any bills, please contact our office immediately for duplicates bills at (772) 226-1343. If you do not receive a bill by November 9th, notify our office immediately or you can obtain one from this website.

What if I receive a tax bill and I no longer own the property?

If you received a real estate tax bill for property you no longer own, please forward it to the new owner or return it to this office. If you received a tangible personal property tax bill for property you no longer own, but you did own on January 1, you are still responsible for paying the taxes. If you did not own the tangible personal property on or after January 1 you need to contact the Property Appraiser immediately at (772) 226-1370.