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What is property taxation?

Property tax is an ad valorem tax, which means according to value. Ad valorem tax, the tax collected by the tax commissioner, is based on the value of the taxable property in the county.

Where do property tax dollars go?

Property tax dollars support administration of county government and the public school system. Build and maintain public buildings; bridges and county roads Pay expenses of courts; county jail and law enforcement Provide fire protection Provide for public health and sanitation This is an abbreviated list of how tax dollars are used to support local government projects. Please see the Georgia Code for a complete list.

Is there any way to reduce my tax?

Yes. Several exemptions and special assessment programs are available that may apply. The most common are the homestead exemption for real estate and the freeport exemption for business personal property. Contact the Hall County Tax Assessors’ Office (770.531.6720) for details of the available special assessment programs and Homestead exemptions.