Pay your Genesee County, Michigan property taxes online using this service.


When are taxes due?

Summer taxes are usually due by September. Winter taxes are due by February 28. All taxes become delinquent to the County Treasurer on March 1 with additional penalties and interest, computed with a 4% penalty, and 1% interest per month for the first year. Taxes that are delinquent more than a year will have a substantially higher interest rate (1.5% instead of 1%). In addition, a $175.00 forfeiture fee will be added along with additional administrative fees.

How much do I owe for delinquent taxes?

You must provide a ten-digit parcel number in order to receive tax information. Call our 24-hour automated tax line, (877) 805-2856 for tax amounts, or click here for the Genesee County Property Tax Information System. What should I do if I didn't receive a tax bill?

Can taxes be paid with a personal check?

Yes, March - December of the year the taxes become delinquent. They would then require a cashier's check, money order, or cash. Please make checks payable to GENESEE COUNTY TREASURER.