Pay your Galveston County, Texas property taxes using this service online.


How much is the convenience fee for paying property taxes with a credit card?

Credit cards incur a 2.5% bank fee. Debit cards in person incur a $3 bank fee.

What are other options to make my property tax payment?

You have several methods of paying property taxes in Galveston County:  

  • Pay online via electronic check, debit or credit card by clicking on PAY NOW button above.
  • Pay via telephone by calling 1-866-865-1433 (English) or 1-866-865-1435 (Spanish). Please note that electronic check incurs a $1 bank fee, debit card (except in person)
  • Pay via US Postal Service (use envelope included with statement). Postmarks are everything so be sure to drop in the box BEFORE the last pick-up time or mail a couple of days in advance of the deadline to insure the proper postmark.
  • Place payment in an envelope and drop in one of the yellow (black in Friendswood) payment boxes located outside each GCTO location (except Crystal Beach). PLEASE NOTE DATE DROPPED IN THE BOX ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ENVELOPE.
  • Make in person at the Galveston County Tax Office. 

When are taxes due for the current year?

Property taxes in Texas are based on the January 1 market value of your property as determined by the county appraisal district (CAD). The CAD handles all ownership, exemption and value information on your property. Each spring, CADs issue notices of appraised value, typically in April. You have until May 15th (or 30 days after the date of the notice whichever is later) to protest the value.

After the appraisal roll is certified, local governments adopt budgets and tax rates - typically during the latter part of the summer. During the month of October, we produce tax statements and mail them to property owners and mortgage companies. Starting last year, we mail to both property owners and mortgate companies due to a high number of mortgage refinancing and penalties and interest accruing on accounts in which a bill had not been sent. This eliminated the issue with the wrong mortgage company requesting a statement.  

Property taxes are delinquent February 1 (unless January 31st falls on a weekend). Unless you are taking advantage of a payment option (split or half pay or quarter payments - meaning the total amount is divided by four), payments postmarked AFTER January 31st will incur hefty penalties and interest.

What are the payment options for property taxes in Galveston County, Tx?

The following are available payment options for Property taxes in Galveston County:  

  • Homesteads of seniors, disabled persons, disabled  veterans, spouses of a disabled veteran or Governor declared disaster victims may be eligble to make
    four equal installments (by January 31, by March 31, May 31, and July 31) without penalty and interest.  
  • Split or half pay—for all but Dickinson and Dickinson ISD, you may divide your bill by two and, as long as the first half is paid by November 30th, the
    second half is not due until June 30th (unless it falls on a weekend then the next business day) without penalty and interest!
  • Can’t pay: You can call the Galveston County Tax Office for a payment agreement, which may be able to save you excessive penalties and interest on your unpaid balance!