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When are property taxes due in El Paso City?

Property tax bills are mailed out every October by the El Paso City tax office. Property tax payments are due by January 31st. Taxes become delinquent on February 1st. 

What is the penalty for late payment of property taxes in El Paso City, Texas?

State law requires the imposition of penalties and interest when an account becomes delinquent as follows:

Interest: 1% (one percent) of the outstanding levy is added monthly beginning the first month of delinquency. Interest continues accumulating until the levy is paid.

Penalty: 6% (six percent) of the levy due is added for the first month of delinquency. 1% (one percent) of the levy due is added each month for months 2 through 5 of delinquency. 2% (two percent) of the levy due is added beginning the 6th month of delinquency.

Penalty for collection costs: Up to 20% (twenty percent) of levy and penalties and interest due is added on April 1st for personal property and July 1st for real property of the year the tax becomes delinquent.