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When are property taxes due?

Property taxes are assessed each year in October. If these taxes are not paid by February 1 of the following year, they become delinquent and subject to penalties and interest that accrue every month thereafter. The taxes, penalties, and interest are secured by a tax lien on the property.

What is the penalty if i don't pay them in time?

If these taxes remain unpaid on April 1 (for business personal property) or July 1 (for all other properties) of the year after they were assessed, they will be referred to a law firm for collections. A 20% additional penalty will also be assessed on the property. This penalty is secured by the same tax lien that secures the original taxes, penalties, and interest.

Am I eligible for exemption?

The homestead exemption is the single most important tax break available to homeowners.

You are eligible if you meet these requirements:
▪ You owned and occupied your home on January 1st of the application year;
▪ Neither you nor your spouse has claimed a residence homestead exemption on any other property; and
▪ The mailing address listed on your Texas ID matches the property location listed on your homestead application.

Homeowners who are over 65 years of age, or who are totally and permanently disabled (as defined by Social Security) are eligible for additional exemptions. The exemption is effective for the year they turn 65 or become disabled