Pay your Deschutes County, Oregon property taxes online using this service.


When will I receive my property tax statement?

Property tax statements will be mailed no later than October 25th. If you have not received your statement by November 1, please call 541-388-6540.

What if I do not pay my personal property taxes?

The total tax levied on personal property becomes delinquent whenever any installment is not paid on or before the due date. The Tax Collector will send a notice of delinquency showing the total amount due, including interest, when any tax payment is not made. If no payment is made in response to the delinquency notice, the Tax Collector must; Issue a property tax warrant (a lien and an $89.00 fee applied to account). If payment for warrant is not received, the Tax Collector may: Seize and sell your property Attach a lien to your real property Garnish your bank account(s)

Can I look up my property tax information online?

You may look up your Property Value Assessment online using our Account Query at