Pay Property taxes in Coryell County, Texas with this online service.


When I receive my Coryell County tax bill, which one is the last day that I can pay without penalty and interest?

January 31 of the next year.

Can I pay my property taxes online?

Yes. The Tax Office accepts full or partial payment of property taxes online. Property taxpayers may also use any combination of credit cards and/order e-Checks for payment. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa credit/debit card. A non-refundable convenience fee of 2.5% will be charged by Certified Payments. E-check fee is $2.00.

Why are my taxes higher this year than in previous years?

Check your exemptions. If you were not granted the exemption allowed, contact CCAD. The appraised value may be greater than in the previous year. If so, you will receive an explanation from the Coryell Central Appraisal District for the increase. Also, the tax rate may have increased and if so, the amount of your tax could be more than the previous year. The breakdown of the tax rates of the various jurisdictions is shown on your tax statement.